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70% of Indians Find Better Job Opportunities On Linkedin

New Delhi: According to a Linkedin survey, 70% of the Indians find better job opportunities on Linkedin despite the common notion of “lack of job opportunities” in India.

The Linkedin opportunity Index survey in the Asia Pacific region stated that Indians are more positive about the economy is improving in the coming years.

The research by the network revealed India to follow Indonesia in the linkedin opportunity index. The research surveyed nine Asia Pacific countries – Japan, the Chinese mainland, Hong Kong, Indonesia, Malaysia, Singapore, and the Philippines with more than 11,000 respondents.

The research conducted was based on how a job opportunity is perceived and the hurdles that stop them from grabbing those opportunities.

Olivier Legrand, Managing Director, Asia Pacific, LinkedIn, said  “Over time, by tracking people’s perception of opportunity and the barriers they face, we hope we can continue to facilitate more of a balance between demand and supply in the opportunity marketplace.

Career advancement remains a priority with Indian opportunity seekers. Apart from this, they considered learning new skills to be advantageous and strictly believed in working hard.

According to the Linkedin survey Index, Indians prefer having their own business as the top opportunities. There are three crucial hurdles that lead them to seek job opportunities –

1. Lack of direction and guidance

2. Tough job market

3. Financial status

Almost 90% of the Indian job seekers feel that online mediums such as social media are the best source for searching job opportunities. About 89% of them learned about new skills through various social media channels.

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