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How to Create LinkedIn Dynamic Ads?

The LinkedIn dynamic ads are nothing like the pay-per-click options available on social media. These are highly personalised and targeted ad options that guarantee much better results.


Before getting into how you would create LinkedIn dynamic ads, do you know what LinkedIn Dynamic Ads are and why they do matter? Well, the fact about LinkedIn’s ad system is that they allow you to connect with the user base by serving these ads to a targeted audience in the inbox, news feed and sidebar. You could be using these ads to attract new clients, sustain or establish brand awareness or even find new employees.


The dynamic ads option can be used to personalize the LinkedIn ads that you are using to get the attention of the users. The LinkedIn dynamic ads would pull the name or profile from the LinkedIn profile and it would be applied to the template that has been created by you. This would result in the ads being very personalized. Getting the attention of users can be very challenging and there is a lot of competition in every feed. This is where the personalization comes in, which is very important in marketing terms and is earning huge response in the pay-per-view marketing strategies.


What are the types of dynamic ads that you can run?

Creating and using the dynamic ads is not that different from creating the other ad campaigns on LinkedIn. The following are the four types of ad units that can be run using the Dynamic Ads campaign objective.

  • Follower ads – The follower ads are used to encourage users to follow you and thus it helps to build up an on-platform following.
  • Spotlight ads – The spotlight ads are used to send the traffic to the site destination or the landing page of your choosing. They can be used to promote the services, products, newsletters, events and others.
  • Content ads – The content ads are designed to help you in the generation of leads as they prompt the users to download your content. Unlike the above options, the content ads are available for purchase through a LinkedIn sales representative. You can get in touch with a person on the Marketing Solutions team for further details.
  • Job ads – These ads can be used to connect with potential applicants and help them point in the direction of the job application pages.

Each of these dynamic ad options would let you add the appropriate and relevant calls to action (CTAs) that would help strengthen the impact of the ad campaign.


How can you create LinkedIn Dynamic Ads?

  1. You would need to start by going to the LinkedIn Campaign Manager. You should first click on the Create Campaign button in the top right corner. You would then be asked to choose an ad product.

You should click on Select next to the option for Dynamic Ads. You would then be directed to the next screen. You would need to name the new campaign and then choose to place the new campaign in either a new campaign group or an existing one.

It is important that the campaigns do not have a generic name as it would be hard to keep track of. This would cause the campaign monitoring t get muddled up. You would need to be quite specific while naming the campaign. You could try naming the campaigns like “Follow Tech Campaign” or “Dynamic Customer Service Job Campaign”. It cannot be moved to a different campaign group once it has been created. That is why you would need to place it exactly where you would like it. You should finally select the language the target audience speaks.


  1. The All (Auto-Translate) option available in the drop-down menu is a very helpful feature for businesses which has an audience speaking different languages. It also helps to scale up the campaign as it would automatically translate the ad when it is served to each member in the audience. However, this option would not be available on all the different ad types. It could only be applied to those ad formats that have preset headlines and text, like the follower ad formats and the job ads. There are different preset headlines and ad text options that you can choose.

The preset headlines and text are not currently available for the spotlight ad format.


  1. In the next step, you would need to choose the ad format. The format should be chosen on the basis of the goal that you would want your ad to accomplish.
  2. If you want to connect with the potential job applicants, you should choose Job Ad.
  3. Choose Follower Ad if you want to gain more followers.

iii. If you would like to drive traffic to a website for a product, service or tool or some other landing page, the Spotlight Ad needs to be chosen.

If you choose the follower ad or the job ad format, you would have the option to use the preset headlines and ad text that work with the All (Auto-Translate) feature.


  1. The preset text that is available for the job ads and follower ads are excellent tools but this only happens when they are actually working in your favour. If none of the options fit exactly what you are going for, you would need your own custom headline. Most of the content won’t need to be auto-translated to the LinkedIn users across the globe. You can run a few separate campaigns with the correct manual translations if needed.

You can create your own ad text, CTA button copy and headlines regardless of the ad format. This would often work to your advantage because you can create messaging that you know that the audience responds to. You can look to the preview area on the right to see the changes you make. You can choose if you would like to show a profile image in the ad. You should check the Audience Member Profile Image to enable this feature. These profile pictures often grab the attention right away.


  1. The next step involves choosing your targeting criteria. You should remember to include and exclude the right areas while choosing the location of the audience. You can also target your audience on the basis of the company name, job title, gender and others. It is important to choose the targeting criteria carefully as the effectiveness of the ad would depend on the individuals witnessing it.


  1. You would need to determine the budget and bid figures. The daily budget would determine daily expenditure and the total budget would mean the entire spendings. These bids tell LinkedIn how much you are willing to spend. It is important to pay attention to the bidding recommendations from LinkedIn. You can scale up after seeing from LinkedIn what the others are bidding.


  1. After that, you would need to enter the start and end dates for the campaign. You can select the ad rotation preference. This would tell LinkedIn if you want the ads in each campaign group to enter the auction evenly or if you would like the results to be optimized.


  1. Finally, the budget pacing option needs to be chosen. You have the option to select either the daily budget or an optimized solution according to available opportunities.


The LinkedIn dynamic ads are quite different from the ad options that are available on the pay-per-click systems on social media. They can be excellent campaigns, given the nature of LinkedIn. You should, however, not use this feature for every campaign as it does not fit every objective.

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