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Google Adwords Certification Course

With 32% annual growth the Digital marketing trend in India is catching up with an increasing global spends on digital media.

Advertising and campaigns are crucial to fetch in more customers and viewers into your website. It is a task to rank your page at the top at its infant stage. This is when you turn to paid services.

Google Adwords is one such element of digital marketing that is responsible for drawing in good business for your website. Google Adwords is a Google’s advertising service. This simply enables your website to be visible at the top of the page in the search engine with paid services.

Master Google Adwords with Digital U’s Google Adwords Certification course.

1. Search Engine Marketing

Learn the fundamentals of Google search engine and its functions. Get a general understanding of Google Adwords.

2. Pay Per Click (Ppc)

Learn about the definition and importance of Pay per click.  Get a guide through on how to strategize and implement a PPC campaign or a advertising. Learn about important terms in PPC like conversion rate, quality score etc.

3. Understanding Bid

Understand how Bid management works. Learn about bidding strategy and about bid management features like CPA bidding, position preference etc.

4. Analyzing Market

A grip on understanding the current market scenario helps in an effective campaign building for your brand. Learn and understand how to analyze competitor’s market and build your campaign accordingly. know about Industry key-divers and how to target selective audience.

5. Organizing Campaigns

A campaign is vital for generating business. Learn everything about campaign management. Understand how it functions and the advances tools used.

6. Copy Writing/Ad Writings Tricks

Master the technique used in ad writing. Construct compelling ads to increase CTR (Click-Through-Rate)  learn about Relevance & Quality score, how to Improve conversion rates, and targeted ads & relevant landing pages.

7. Track Performance

Track and monitor the performance through Google analytics. Understand campaign strategizing by setting goals and objectives. Understand the concept of performance metrics.

8. Understanding Audience Psychology

Understanding audience psychology helps to define a better target audience. Learn how to profit from the user or audience behavior.

9. SEM Management

Learn about mobile advertising, how to optimize the display network campaigns. Get the technique on how to re-market.

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