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What are the SEO process steps? How should you continue with them?

SEO is becoming difficult with each day given Google’s peerless search algorithm. Keeping updated at all times is essential to get a good ranking on the search pages.

Going through a step-by-step SEO process step guide would help you to get a good insight into what search engine optimization is and how you should proceed. Getting into the top ranking pages in Google is practically impossible if you do not follow a proper SEO process. Most of the companies follow a strategy that is not correct and fail to get a proper ranking.


Google Search Algorithm is getting better with each day

The Google Search algorithm is one of the most complex algorithms that are based on advanced Machine Learning algorithms that ‘learns’ from every bit of data and is thus getting better and more precise with each and every data. This is making Search Engine Optimization very difficult every day for those people who do not keep their knowledge updated. The SEO industry is having something new every now and then. SEO has really become quite difficult for many people because of the recent changes that Google has made in their search algorithm. It is very important to follow the guidelines of Google. Reading blogs online and watching videos is mostly not enough.


Why does Search Engine Optimization keep changing?

It used to be quite easy to register your website on the first page of Google. What most people used to do was to add keyword on the title and then add some description. Then the content would be copied and modified and hundreds of backlinks would be built to get the top ranks in Google. However, things have changed as of now. The blackhat SEO techniques and keyword stuffing do not work for all the websites. It is possible to do so to get a temporary ranking for some websites. However, the day when Google notices your website is not following the best practices, the ranking would drop. Google actually keeps updating its algorithm to deliver the most relevant results.

Google is updating the search algorithm so that the most relevant results can be shown to the users and it can effectively fight spam. The algorithm is updated every few months. You can easily check the complete history of the Google algorithm.


What is the most common SEO process for people to rank their website in Google?

The common process that people follow to get a good rank is as follows:

Step 1: Keyword Research – This step involves identifying the most important keywords for the website. This generally requires the keyword research tools and it helps to find the most relevant keywords for the website.

Step 2: Competition Analysis – It is important to identify the competition by performing a competitive analysis. Competition analysis can be done using various SEO software and the competition analysis tools.

Step 3: SEO Audit – The next step is to audit the current website and the ranking for the selected keywords as this would offer you a basic idea about what can be improved on the website. SEO Audit is quite an important part of the SEO process.

Step 4: On-page SEO Optimization – The on-page optimization requirements and site structure need to be identified.

Step 5: Off-page Optimization – Links need to be built and the website needs to be promoted in social media

Step 6: Measure results – The traffic and rankings need to be measured.


What is different in the new SEO process?

To keep yourself updated, the following steps would help:


Step 1: Starting with Keyword research

The importance of keyword research cannot be stressed enough. If you do not have any idea about what people are searching on the Internet and the information that they are looking for, it would be quite impossible to start an SEO campaign. You would need to start with a root keyword and seed keywords when you are doing keyword research. There are lots of tools to do so these days. Some things that need to be kept in mind include:

  • using Google related search
  • using Google autocomplete to get a better idea
  • starting with low competition and long tails


Step 2: Website Audit and Complete Analysis

Website audit, which comes after keyword research, is very important if you would like to make a list of the on-page and off-page activities. There are many SEO professionals who would skip this step. This is because proper assessment and audit of websites are quite difficult if the fundamentals or ranking factors and SEO is not known. You should have a good understanding of how Google ranks the web pages. There are lots of paid tools available for this step.


Step 3: On-page Optimization or optimization of the website

It is true that Google is becoming more and more intelligent and adding content rich in the keywords would not help you to secure your rank in the first position after the recent algorithmic updates that have taken place. Some tips and factors that can be followed are as follows:

  • useful and original is the first priority
  • instead of adding keywords to the content, valuable information needs to be offered
  • the website should load very fast
  • the structure of the URL would matter a lot
  • the website should be mobile-friendly

The website should be updated on a regular basis


Step 4: Link Building and Off-page optimization

To earn trust, and as a result, rankings, links are very important. However, you cannot create links from just any website. You would need to earn the links from the authoritative websites and these should be very relevant. If you start building links from websites that have a poor quality and the content is very thin, you would not be able to gain ranks.


Step 5: Updating content and monitoring the rankings

The last requirement is to understand that SEO is not a one-time activity. You would need to constantly create new content and keep updating it. You would not be able to maintain the ranking if you don’t monitor the ranking and update the content. Various tools are available to help monitor the ranking of the website.


SEO has become quite complex and would require continuous practice. You would need to keep the knowledge updated to maintain the ranking of your website or that of your client.

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