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SEO Certification Course

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is the main tool through which a website gets its traffic or visitors. Search engine optimization is responsible for making a website rank on its search page result.

SEO is crucial for online businesses and other interactive websites.  With regular content uploads on websites, SEO is able to fetch more traffic. The search engine works on a keyword or focus words.

Since SEO is everything for a website, getting hold of how SEO works is equally important.

Learn and master SEO (Search Engine Optimization) at Digital U with practical and live teaching methods.

1. Introduction to SEO

Learn the basics of SEO and how it works. Get an understanding of how Google search engine functions and the current changes on the search engine.

2. Search Engines

Introduction to Google search engine. get an overview of how search engine functions –

  1. crawling
  2. indexing
  3. retrieval
  4. ranking

3. On-page SEO

Learn the importance of building relevance. Learn the importance and functions of the On-page

  1. Content
  2. HTML
  3. Architecture

4. Off-page SEO

Learn the SEO factor for building authority and reputation of a website. Off-page SEO will  cover

  1. Link building
  2. Social presence
  3. Local citation

5. Keyword Research

Get an all access to various online tools to unlock the keyword that’s relevant to your niche. The keyword is the most crucial factor for SEO to function accurately. Learn how to generate keywords. The keyword tool will guide you on competition, search volume and business importance.

6. Webmaster

Learn how to improve your SEO score through the webmaster. By learning how to use webmaster you can analyze and monitor your website’s performance. Build a report and upgrade your website accordingly to improve SEO score.

7. Building Link

Get a grip on content marketing. Learn the importance of backlinking and its relevance in increasing SEO score. Link articles and blogs related to your niche.

8. Local SEO

Learn how local SEO is effective for your business.

  1. Area-specific keywords
  2. Contact-Google maps

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