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Social Media Marketing Certification Course

The online space or internet space has grown over the past few years. Social media is the go-to online marketing medium for businesses both small or big.  In the coming years, social media marketing is only going to expand.

According to a study, “demand for social marketing, advertising, and promotions managers are expected to grow 12% through 2022 ”

Social media marketing draws revenue for businesses through sales. This sale is generated from lead conversion. Learning social media marketing will allow to build and strategize effective campaigns which are crucial for any online business to bring in traffic and leads.

Learn Social media marketing at Digital U with live and practical examples.

1. Create a Social Media Plan

Build an effective social media plan to upgrade your website to a brand.

2. Master All The Social Signals

From creating accounts to effectively utilize all the social channels, learn how to handle them like a pro.

  1. Facebook
  2. Instagram
  3. Twitter
  4. Quora
  5. Blogger
  6. Linkedin
  7. Youtube

3. Identifying Your Audience

A major part of social media marketing is to identify your audience according to your niche. Learn how to target the correct group of audience to draw in more traffic and business.

4. Learn To Use Social Media Tools

Learn all the essential online social media tools for monitoring, analyzing, posting and reporting.

5. Lead Generation

Lead generation is the key to increasing your sales. Learn how to build and implement ads and campaigns to generate online leads for your website or company. Master how to generate leads from the important social tools-Facebook, Instagram and Linkedin.

6. Social Media Paid Advertisement

The platform of social media can generate traffic and leads through paid campaigns and advertisements. Learn how

to create and design ads and how to budget them.

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